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Dognet technical description

Dognet technical description

The network basic operation is clear. But do you want to know more and a bit more technically? Here you are, we have a technical back-end and functionalities of which we´re proud.

Technical solution

We use a technical solution from Quality Unit Post Affiliate Network. Why have we not embarked upon “own” solution or another system?

  1. Slovak solution – the entire system has been under development already for years in Slovakia
  2. 100% support – if a technical glitch occurs, we address it immediately along with them. Without having to wait for anybody
  3. Ready-made and well-set processes – the system has been well-developed and contains all we need for a professional network
  4. Joint development – we work closely with Quality Unit on the system development and progress
  5. API – the system has a high-quality API on which we have built own modules and features
  6. Stability – the system currently runs on a high-quality cloud solution and any outages are minimal
  7. Tracking – tracking methods are highly reliable and designed via a number of technologies – all for the highest possible reliability

Even if the system does not look “fancy“ and ultra-moder, it is a stable system that one can rely upon. We would not deliver such technical quality using own solution. And other, already ready-made solution? The one we´re using has come out as best in the comparison. All have their pros and cons.

Functionalities for both small and large affiliate programs

The system is set up modularwise – he who wants to administer the system in a simple way has a simple system. But he who wants to solve affiliate at a high level and using functionalities, we´re ready for that. It only depends on how an advertiser approach the program.

Basic functionalities

  • Evaluation of visits – trends, linking pages, detailed statistics
  • Evaluation of conversions – approval and rejection
  • Banner administration – various types of banners
  • Basic development control by affiliate manager – compliance with the campaign rules
  • Different commission levels for different types of publishers
  • We do not use a credit system but we do not invoice until after results have been produced
  • Automatic notifications for sales evaluation
  • An advertiser does not have to approve conversions immediately. We accept the fact that some orders take longer to handle

Advanced functionalities

  • Evaluation automation via API or CSV import
  • Detailed tracking of conversions and publishers
  • An internal catalogue of publishers for acquisition
  • Manual approval of campaign publishers
  • Mass communication with campaign publishers
  • Commission groups of publishers and setup thereof
  • Possible setup of different conditions for publishers by specific agreements
  • Various commission remuneration by e-shop categories
  • Possible full program administration
  • In high turnovers and program independence, a reduction in network fees can be discussed
  • If an advertiser needs something “extra”, we´re ready to resolve it

    What does the network do for you?

    The difference between Dognet and other large-scale solutions is that we take a different attitude. We do often and happily things which even do not occur to the “big ones” or they simply cannot do it. We provide not only a technical solution but also a complex service.

    Thus what will you get from us?

    • A system less input or lump-sum fees
    • Publisher payment coverage
    • The full access to the system
    • Basic acquisition of new publishers to the program
    • Program promotion on social networks and in mailing
    • Help in program administration and evaluation, as applicable

    Our goal is to have an effective affiliate program. Until you´re satisfied and things work out for you, we cannot be satisfied, either. “We´ll take your hand” and lead you through the whole process. This is not about our giving you an empty system so that you can do whatever you like.

    Migration of existing affiliate programs

    Do you already your affiliate program in another network or separately? We have for you a solution and unique conditions. We, of course, understand that if you already have your publishers and and ongoing cooperations, then you need specific conditions. Dognet is capable of providing an adequate or better technical background than other networks or programs.

    A solution?

    • other network fees
    • migration help
    • providing the functionalities you need
    • improving the processes and things that fail to suit in the current solution
    • reaching out for both curremnt and new publishers
    • invoicing setup as needed by the advertiser and cash-flow options

    We´re here for you 🙂

    Štefan Polgári

    V online marketingu sa pohybuje už viac ako 10 rokov. Spoluzaložil affiliate sieť DOGNET a affiliate marketingu sa venuje na profesionálnej úrovni. Spoločne s kolegami sa snažia tento odbor na Slovensku pozdvihnúť a zapojiť čo najviac publisherov.

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