A new tool for communication between publishers and advertisers

A new tool for communication between publishers and advertisers

We´ve recently launched a novelty – a communication module that is used for direct communication among publishers and advertisers. It functions in a very simple way, very much like any messenger, and both publishers and advertisers will find it directly in their administration. It´s primarily intended for communication of special co-operations and for streamlining the processes within an affiliate campaign.

Communication module for advertisers

The module can be set up for an advertiser in two ways:

  1. An advertiser can contact publishers.
  2. An advertiser and a publisher alike can create new communication.

The communication module will not be launched in a campaign until after an advertiser has permitted us to launch it. It´s not automatically available with all. Therefore, if you´re interested in it after reading this article, please write us at bacikova@dognet.sk.

What will the communication module bring to advertisers?

To advertisers, the communication module is a great tool of how they can utilise their internal capacities to enhance performance, make more effective and develop your affiliate program. You´ll find it in your administration in the menu Tools / Communication module. This module consists of two parts – Inbox and Publishers – which can be switched in the right-hand upper corner.

First shown will be an inbox where you can see all the conversations relating to your campaigns These conversations can be filtered according to campaign or publisher. By clicking one of the conversations its content will be displayed.



In the part Publishers you can see a summary of publishers and their performance in your campaign. To display it, you need to select in the filter the campaign and the period for which you want to see the summary.  The results are ranked according to the overall price of sales and thus the publisher that brought you the most sales revenue for a given period is always atop.


What will advertisers get by using communication module?

  • an option of filtering publishers by performance
  • connect with selected publishers directly
  • individually work with top publishers
  • activate and support less-active publishers
  • devote internal capacities to the development of their affiliate program

We recommend using the communication module in particular to negotiate individual co-operations with publishers. Whether you want to support top publishers with a higher commission, you´re interested in a review or an article on their websites, you want to provide them with an exclusive coupon, and so on.  We do not recommend sending bulk messages to all publishers without distinction.

The outcome of this communication then needs to be reported to the affiliate manager who will arrange for the proper setup in case, for example, of increasing a reward and so on.

Of course, the whole Dognet team is still here for you and if you do not have the capacity to devote yourselves to individual communication with partners, you can always approach us and we´ll be pleased to help you with that.


Communication module for publishers

Thanks to this novelty you can already effectively communicate directly with selected campaigns where an advertiser is interested in being in contact with publishers. Though not all campaigns have the communication module automatically launched. Its power on has to be approved by advertisers themselves. We gradually try to connect with all so that they can decide as to whether they want to have the communication module in their campaigns accessible. This information will shortly be available in the campaign description as well.

You can currently find it out by going into your administration, opening “communication module” in the left-hand panel and clicking the push button “Add new message”. A new message will open to you and in the campaign window you can select only those campaigns in which you´re approved and which at the same time have the communication module activated. 



Tips for publishers on using the communication module

  • Write in a campaign if you need to get background documents, graphics, banner special and so on
  • You have an option of negotiating better conditions in a campaign, be it temporarily or permanently, by exchange for extra promo
  • Try to reach out for a campaign with interest in writing a review on their products. They will be able to send you either products or at least more information and more detailed photos. 
  • If you work with discount codes, try your hand at getting an exclusive code that will not be available to anybody else.

There are, of course, a lot more options and it´s just up to you how you will be using the communication module. But I emphasize that the communication module is not be used to spam advertisers. Please use it merely in relevant cases and always try to describe as best as possible not only what you request of a campaign but also what it will bring to the given campaign.

We believe that the communication module will be of great benefit to our advertisers and our publishers alike and will contribute to streamlining co-operation on all sides. If you want to launch the communication module in your campaigns or have any other questions, I´m here for you at bacikova@dognet.sk.
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