Different commission levels for e-shop categories

Different commission levels for e-shop categories

We frequently address the question of integrating e-shops so that there are not uniform commission levels for different categories. Some e-shop sections allow to provide a commission e.g. 10%, other merely 5%, and the like. This state can technically be treated through modification to the thank you page code.  The system is simple. A global commission for a certain campaign, e.g. 10%, is established. This commission is calculated from the overall purchase price or from a sum to be determined by the seller itself within the thank you page code, as applicable. This is integrated into the last page while placing an order (mostly it is the “Thank you for order” page). When displayed, the code thereafter sends this sum to our system and we accordingly attribute a commission to publishers.

Entry of the proper sum for commission calculation

If there is a global commission percentage in a campaign, the system is simple. The sum within the thank you page code is 1:1 sum for purchase excl. VAT and postage.
Example: when a visitor purchases via our publisher for €100, the sum “80” is substituted in the thank you page code. If a campaign commission is 8%, a publisher will get a 8€ commission.
If there are different potential commissions within e-shop categories, however, it is necessary to adjust the amount from which a commission is calculated. And this just thank you page code. DOGNET as a system cannot see who and what has purchased. It can only see the target sum and the sale ID. how a commission As a result, it cannot technically be treated how a commission would be attributed at our system level.

Technical and procedural basis

Thus technically an advertiser must substitute the proper amount from which a commission is to be calculated. A model example:
  • a customer purchases goods for €200
  • the campaign global commission is 10%
  • an advertiser technically knows, and this is also so agreed in the campaign, that it can provide a commission of 10% from “A” category and a mere 5% from “B” category
  • the customer bought goods for 100€ from “A” category and goods for 100€ from “B” category
  • the commission should be €15 (10% off €100 and 5% off €100)
  • but if it entered in the thank you page code an overall amount of €200, then a publisher commission would be calculated at €20 (10% off €200)
  • therefore it must substitute in the thank you page code a sum so that the proper sum arises in 10% calculation
  • this is in our case exactly €150
 An adevrtiser must calculate the commission from which the global commission is to be calculated so that the calculated commission tallies when substituted in the thank you page code.
The system is not complex. Though at integration technical level it is necessary to keep in mind how a commission is calculated and that the sum in question from which the commission is calculated needs to be adjusted.
Štefan Polgári

V online marketingu sa pohybuje už viac ako 10 rokov. Spoluzaložil affiliate sieť DOGNET a affiliate marketingu sa venuje na profesionálnej úrovni. Spoločne s kolegami sa snažia tento odbor na Slovensku pozdvihnúť a zapojiť čo najviac publisherov.

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