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Importing transaction states using Excel

Importing transaction states using Excel

Too many transactions to be closed? You can also close transactions using our API, however it takes your programmer´s time. We´ve therefore prepared for you a guide to closing commissions using the CSV file import. 


Create an excel document

Enter the order ID from your system and the order status in the first and second columns, respectively:

  • A – approved
  • P – pending
  • D – declined


If you can make such an excel directly the export from your system, all the better. Transaction states, however, must have the values A, P or D. While importing, the system will skip those orders that have not been captured in affiliate.

Save the excel document as .csv (comma delimited)



Excel behaves according to your language setting and therefore you have to verify as to whether to use either a comma or a semicolon as the delimiter. You´ll do it simply by opening the .csv file in the notepad. My file has been saved with semicolons.



Importing .csv to the system

Click the “Import transactions” button in Transactions – Commissions.



The column content needs to be entered in the Import Setup window. In my Excel, I´ve entered the order ID and status in the first and second columns, respectively. I therefore identify Field 0 as order ID and Field 1 as Status in the Imported File Format box.

In the Import File box, I save my .csv file. After I opened my .csv file in the notepad, I learned that the values in it are delimited by a semicolon, Thus I select a semicolon as the CSV delimiter. In excel I´ve entered my own text in the first line and therefore I want the import to skip this line. Thus I tick off “Skip First Line”.

In the Transaction Import Settings box:

  • Pair transactions according to: order ID
  • Status of existing transactions: All
  • Status: From input data

Then click the “Import” button.



If the system could not match unambiguously the ID order or a given order ID could not be found, an error message with an error file download link will appear.

his file will list all UNMATCHED lines along with an error message for each line.

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