Get bigger reach and more conversions thanks to CSS partners

Get bigger reach and more conversions thanks to CSS partners

Google Shopping is a service thanks to which visitors can view specific products in the search results and can see directly in the search engine in addition to a small illustration also the prices of given products so that they can decide more quickly and more effectively. Many e-shops advertise via Google Shopping singlehandedly, but few of them use also the services of external CSS partners. The acronym CSS derives from Comparison Shopping Service (CSS), these are pages comparing products of individual e-shops according to their price and other parameters. The visitors to these pages are then directed to an advertiser´s website. Such CSS partners can create for you Shopping campaigns and get for you an additional source of traffic.

Why should I permit an external CSS partner?
There are several reasons as to why add an external CSS partner:

  • An external CSS partner can ensure a better visibility of your products. CSS partners will adjust title and descriptions of ads so that it´s not just simple duplicities.
  • In co-operation with CSS partners via the affiliate network, you pay for a conversion only so that you can be sure that you only pay for results not for clicks.
  • You stand a greater chance that a visitor will click on your or your partner´s ad instead of your competitors ad.
  • You will be able to get more views, clicks, and thereby also a higher turnover owing to additional traffic.

How much is co-operation with an external CSS partner?
The majority of companies offering CCS partner services charge some monthly fee for the service, but every partner sets the price individually. In co-operation via the affiliate network, however, all you need to do is to give permission and our partners get to work. You pay solely for a conversion so you as advertiser bears no risk.

Will not make such co-operation my existing Google Shopping campaign more expensive?
No, in the case of Google Shopping there´s no risk of a bid price increase as in the case of classic PPC, since Google does not perceive CSS partners´ ads as competitive bids. If, for example, a user is searching for running shoes, one specific model offered by a given e-shop can be viewed in advertising service A and the other one in advertising service B.  CPC paid by the winning CSS service will not get increased in such a case, either, as the seller is never charged a price in the amount of own bid put against other own bid of own e-shop. As a result, partners don´t increase your cost-per-click, merely competitive e-shops may increase price. For detailed explanation of the bidding model in shopping campaigns, see this video right from Google

Can I permit a number of CSS partners?
Yes, because you thereby get a greater reach and always pay for a conversion only!

If you would like to get CSS partners involved via Dognet, write us at and we´ll be pleased to advise you in regard of further steps.

Dávid Puha

Head Of Business Development

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