Commission closure of the year 2023 for publishers

Commission closure of the year 2023 for publishers

We´ll soon be awaiting again the commission closure of the year 2023. Below you´ll find the instructions and the process of closing, billing, and paying commissions for the past year.

How will the 2023 commission closure be taking place? 

    1. On Wednesday, December 20, 2023, is the last day for delivery of the publisher’s request for payment of commissions, based on which we´ll forward a billing call.
    2. ​ We no longer process those publisher requests for commission payment that will have been delivered from Thursday, December 21, 2023 (inclusive), and won´t forward billing calls. Such a situation occurs merely once a year. 
    3. On January 15, .2024, all publishers will receive an automated call to issue an invoice for their approved commissions in 2023. We´ll send it to any partner who´ll have more than €5 to be paid (without the registration bonus).
    4. It is necessary to indicate on the invoice as the date of issue and delivery December 31, 223, and 30 days should be indicated as the invoice due date. This is a unique event of the year. We, nevertheless, manage on a regular basis to pay the majority of invoices within the first days of delivery. 
    5. An invoice needs to be delivered no later than Sunday, January 21, 2024 (inclusive), by e-mail at

    The sooner we´ll receive the invoice, the sooner it´ll be paid. 😉

    Important information: Anyone who fails to issue an invoice at this call by 2/29/2024 will loss the right to be paid the included commissions. We believe that this way the publisher has time enough to issue the invoice and thereafter to be paid their commissions. Following this date, the publisher losses the right to be paid any commissions from 2023.

    We´re introducing such a process as it´s impossible to “carry over” commissions from the long previous periods. This might cause accounting problems for us and the publishers alike. 

     We look forward to the year 2024! 🙂

    Petronela Novotná

    Group Business Manager

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