Methods of using affiliate marketing on the global and local marketplaces

Methods of using affiliate marketing on the global and local marketplaces

Would you like to make money online? Without proper information it may be difficult. Read on and learn more information on affiliate marketing on both the global and local markets.

Sales revenue on average up to $17 million

Amazon is unequivocally a globally popular and best-known e-commerce seller. Its inventory comprises nearly 12 million products across all the segments – from electronics to cosmetics. In the list of products, you´ll find virtually anything you can think of. Every hour Amazon generates on average $17 million on sales revenue, which represented in 2020 a net profit of $386.06 billion.

In fact, affiliate publishers are credited with close to 45% of Amazon´s market share, With more than 900,000 members, the Amazon Affiliate program is one of the biggest affiliate programs.

Before you delve into the main discussion, let´s have a look at its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of the Amazon Affiliate program:

  • Easy and free to join the program – all you need to do is sign up.  
  • A trustworthy brand. Customers will know where they are redirected and won´t be reluctant to click the link.
  • An endless assortment of products – there are available 12 million products to promote so that you will definitely not have a shortage to choose a product.
  • You can choose the payment via direct deposit, cheque, or Amazon gift card.
  • Access to the global marketplace.

Why not rely on Amazon:

  • Income depending on category – a commission for some product categories may be pretty low. If you own a blog on health or cosmetics, you can credit to your account a mere 1% for the sale of personal care items.
  • A short duration of cookies – merely 24 hours. This may affect the conversion ratio amount.
  • Products cannot be promoted via e-mail.
  • High competition – this industry is too big and the competition is frenzy so you have to look for narrow paths still left make a profit as best as possible.
  • A contract for operation of the Amazon Associates program may be difficult to comprehend. Since it´s frequently updated, it needs to be followed.

What is the Amazon Affiliate program? 

The Amazon Affiliate program, also called as Amazon Associates, is one of the biggest affiliate programs.

As in any other affiliate program, the functionality is based on a similar principle. Thus, affiliate marketing is a way of promoting a company´s products for a commission. In other words, you promote Amazon´s products or services and get a percentage of the sale if the customer makes a shopping. Thanks to this method, you do not have to create own products or services.



Joining the affiliate program is the most appropriate for those who have built up their audience. Through affiliate marketing, Amazon helps its publishers monetize its websites, blogs, or social media.

The program registration process is simple and free. Before signing up for the program, it´s necessary to have a functional website created with contents and acquired audience. After the registration is sent, you as a publisher will get a publisher ID. It usually takes 1-3 days to approve a publisher. Once signed up for the Amazon Affiliate program, the publisher´s account is approved for 180 days. Over this period it needs to place at least one order, otherwise its account will be cancelled. This is why it´s necessary to have a strategy to achieve sale. Even after the account is cancelled, it´s possible to re-register for the program.

Amazon has extended the Amazon Associates program specially for influencers. If you´re the owner of a social network profile, Amazon Influence Program will be more appropriate for you.

How does the Amazon Affiliate program work?

The Amazon Associates publishers earn commissions by promoting products of their choice on their websites using a link to products that will bring visitors to

A publisher will only get a commission if a customer clicks through to a product via that publisher´s link. The commission amount is calculated based on any items purchased by the customer over the next 24 hours. Also equally lasting is a cookie which is removed in case that a customer sends an order or revisits via another publisher´s link.

When a customer does not click through via a publisher affiliate link but he/she visits via browser, the publisher will get no commission. If a customer comes back to via a publisher affiliate link, a new cookie is created.

A case may arise where a customer visits via a publisher link, adds products to his/her basket and leaves without finishing his/her order. A publisher will get a commission insofar as a customer has put an item to the shopping cart during 24 hours from clicking through via a publisher link and sent an order before the shopping cart expires, which is usually after 90 days.

A publisher will not be credited a commission to its account until after a customer has purchased and not returned products.

How much do the Affiliate Amazon program´s publishers earn?

This question is probably of most interest to you. As the Affiliate Amazon program´s publisher, you can have earnings from $100 up to 6-digit figures.

According to, the average salary for an affiliate publisher at Amazon in United States is $34,255 per year. This is a pretty nice figure, however a number of factors definitely impact the amount of salary:

  • What is the traffic that a website can expect?
  • How many visitors do click through via an affiliate link?
  • How many visitors do actually buy anything?
  • What is the amount of a customer´s order?
  • And last but not least, what is the commission for a product sold? 

Follow the amount of commission on the products promoted

At Amazon, the commission is fixed and divided based on the respective product categories. As the amount of commissions in the table may change from time to time, it is necessary to follow it in order to constantly have up-to-date information., updated February 2022


Follow the amount of commission on the products promoted. This is one of the key parameters in the amount of earning. So even though the health and personal care products are placed atop the list of required products, their promotion needs to be considered well, since they have one of the least commissions.

Pay-out via direct deposit, cheque, or gift card

In the Amazon Affiliate program, a publisher gets paid about 60 days after the end of the month in which it got sales commissions. Hence, the publisher will be paid the commissions received in January two months later, in March.

Amazon provides three methods of paying commissions, namely by way of direct deposit on a bank account, an Amazon gift card, or a cheque. The minimum value of payment via direct deposit or gift card is $10. If a publisher opts for the payment by cheque, it must achieve a value of $100.

Rules & requirements

No matter whether you´re a newcomer in the Amazon Affiliate program or has already been a member thereof for a number of years, Amazon´s rules and requirements need to be complied with. You´re expected to proactively check for yourself and comply with the program´s rules. Should they find out that you´ve failed to comply with the terms and conditions, they can cancel your account at any time.

Before you get started with promotion, you should read their instructions in order to lower the possibility of being banned from your activities for an unintentional breach of the rules. Some of the said rules:

  • It must be set out clearly and distinctly on the website that the promoted products are included in the Amazon Affiliate program. 
  • Promote your products authentically – do not mislead and do not make false statements.
  • Sending the traffic from an email address is banned – products cannot be included in a newsletter.
  • While displaying the product prices, the date and time of last update must be displayed. Otherwise, it is prohibited to indicate specific product prices because the prices at Amazon can be constantly changing.
  • Do not truncate affiliate links.

Access to the global marketplace

Earning money on the products at Amazon and thereby having access to the global marketplace sounds attractive. Amazon Associates at is a US-based company. But this is not an only affiliate program from Amazon. In fact, Amazon has affiliate programs in 11 more countries including Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, France, Japan, China, Spain, India, Mexico, and Brazil. To be indeed able to earn money on the global market, it is necessary to create an account on all the markets, i.e. that a US affiliate account is not automatically valid on the international marketplace. Hence, if you´re promoting musical instruments at and a Spanish musician clicks through via your link and buys a guitar at, you won´t get a sales commission.

What to do in such a case? One needs to create an account not only on a US site, but also on the other 11 Amazon international sites. It´s unnecessary to create 12 affiliate links to products, this is extra work for you. There are instruments designed to allow you to use a single affiliate link only and, based on a visitor´s location, they will redirect him/her to a specific site.

Decidedly the biggest player on the global marketplace, it´s Amazon´s size and robustness that might cause a possible undesirable failure owing to an enormous competition. A large amount of the information you´ll have to find out for yourself and singlehandedly proactively following changes in the terms and conditions is due to an impersonal approach. And when you feel the care and support from the affiliate network, it will make your life immensely easier. Thus why not make use of the services from local affiliate networks?

Affiliate marketing can also be carried out other than just at Amazon

While Amazon is the biggest global seller, e-commerce in Europe may only be a drop in the ocean for it, and in particular so in Central and Eastern Europe. No doubt, these markets are also dominated by major and strong brands. The dominant branches on the local marketplace are covered by the affiliate network Dognet.

A local network, the affiliate network Dognet covers thousands of publishers and hundreds of connected e-shops (campaigns). We´re a network that fully comprehends the markets it operates on. We´ve been operating the longest in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The network had gradually grown to include also other neighbouring countries such as Hungary and Poland, and we´re currently operating also in Balkan countries such as Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, or Serbia.

Over 10 million commissions paid out

As of the beginning of 2022, we´ve thus far mediated for publishers since 2013 more than 3,300,000 conversions with a turnover of €211 million. We´ve paid to date commissions to publishers to the tune of over €10 million.

We´re building the network on service, communication, professionalism, and added value. This is what the publisher and the advertiser alike actually need of the network.


Dognetu team


By registering on the affiliate network Dognet, you´ll gain access to the administration in which you can embark upon creating affiliate links. You´ll be able to choose from the menu any campaign from all the markets on offer.

Quality under a single roof. At Dognet, you´ll find well-known brands, high-quality publishers, a technologic solution, care, and helpful support. Your success does matter to us. 

Why promote campaigns via Dognet?

The affiliate networks Dognet covers more than 900 major campaigns from a variety of segments – from furniture and housing to sports campaigns. Commissions are pre-agreed upon individually with every advertiser. Unlike Amazon, your earning is not depending on a promoted category of products. If we find out from your survey that massage oils are currently demanded and sought after, you can choose from several campaigns offering this product. Every campaign has a different commission and it´s up to you to make a choice.

The default expiry time of cookies is 30 days. If a customer successfully finishes their order for any product in a campaign to which they will have been redirected via your link, your commission will be entered over the duration of the cookie thus created. If a customer clicks through via your link to a campaign, makes no shopping and a week later they visit the campaign directly through the browser, place an order, your cookie is still created and you´re credited with a commission.

A one-on-one approach and care of our clients do matter to us. We have a great support that will be pleased to advise you and ready to explain everything to you.


Brands that trust us


We work proactively. We check the network processes not only manually but also automatically. We do care about quality. We constantly come up with new improvements and innovations. That is also why hundreds of advertisers and thousands of publishers rely on us.

Of course, we have the rules and conditions to be complied with in the network. We communicate any news and changes to clients.

All we do we do for you 💙

At Dognet, getting started is much easier than at Amazon. Once registered, we will provide you with all needed materials to study. You don´t have to search extra for anything. We will show you where and what to find. The best way to learn is to start creating for yourself the content on your website. It´s up to you as to how much time and energy you will put into getting things done.

We educate the market. From Dognet´s book publication you can get books that will be instrumental in your creating high-quality contents and broadening your horizons in this field.

Every month we bring monthly novelties for publishers and advertisers alike in which you will learn interesting statistics and information from the network.

A local market has a smaller competitive environment than the global marketplace. As a result, becoming a successful publisher is somewhat easier. And that´s why we´re here to help you with this.

We pay out commissions worth over €100 not only to tradesmen but also natural persons.


I want to register myself and start earning money via Dognet

Tips and advice on how to promote campaigns

It´s good to have a website already created with a traffic to speed up the registration process. This is also one of factors when you will sooner see the fruits of your efforts.

If you´re at the beginning with your creation, nevertheless, you can register yourself even in this case. You´ll have to armour yourself with somewhat more patience as it will be necessary to expend energy to gain an audience interested in your content and promoted products. Every publisher started some time and had to go through all the process. 🙂

Focus on the topics of interest to you. It will easier for you to create content.

Hence, the basis is to set up a strategy and choose the right topic. Based on this is the selection of a campaign to be promoted. At Dognet, you have a wide range of campaigns and their products to focus on.

A few tips on how to deploy affiliate links 

Review articles, recommendation, tips and tricks, and comparison of products

These types of articles are the most sought after when a customer is through the shopping process and decides for a product. You have to assure them while making a choice and provide them with all necessary and missing information. Then redirect them to a campaign where they finish their shopping.

In addition to affiliate links, also add to the text pictures to get a customer´s attention. You can wrap up an affiliate link in the CTA Go to Shop button.

Product catalogs

You can create a product catalog using the product XML feed that you will deploy on your website.


You can fill empty space on your website with an appropriate banner. Do not overcrowd the website with an unnecessarily large number of banners because by doing so the customer losses their attention to significant information and it might happen that they will leave your website after a few seconds. One of the factors reducing website credibility in Google´s eyes. Rather, take a banner as kind of affiliate supplement.

Social networks

You don´t have your website created but you´re interested in affiliate marketing? You can promote campaigns through campaign affiliate links on social networks as well – Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, Twitter, and others.

Bargain sales and discount coupons

In your content you can mention that a campaign currently has a discount on a given range of products indicating a coupon code and validity period. In the administration we have at our disposal free coupons which can also be promoted by content publishers. If you have created a coupon aggregator, the coupons intended for coupon websites will also be available to you.

A sample project at the end

Let´s take a look at one project promoting products from, how it creates articles and what campaigns could be taken for such an article from Dognet.

The project exemplifies a review website that will help you discover the best products in various categories.

For my part, I like that they provide in the website upper part information that they use products from an affiliate program. This is one of the conditions for promoting products on Amazon. It´s not a well-established practice to use this statement on the Slovak and Czech markets, which is quite a pity as it enhances a website´s transparency and credibility. This statement is displayed on each subsite. I haphazardly opened a review for coffee makers.

Before you embark upon the review it´s good to make research. Preferably if you had an opportunity to test the reviewed products, but if you don´t have such an opportunity, read as much as possible information on the reviewed products. Subsequently, your choices are narrowed down, as is the case with this article, in which a publisher presents and reviews a narrowed selection of top coffee makers.

The publisher identified each of the coffee makers with an attribute best describing it, neatly arranged them side by side and add there a coffee maker picture. The entire article contains   a review of all the devices you can see in the picture. The publisher placed a “See full review” link which throws your placement onto the coffee maker review on a given site. Under this button there is a link that will redirect you to a specific product on

This is a nice example of how this can be done also here, on a local market. When creating a website, you can also be inspired by foreign websites focused on a topic similar to that of yours.

Dognet offers several campaigns offering coffee makers in a number of markets from which you can draw. On the Slovak market there are such campaigns as,, , and others. For the full list of campaigns see our website.


If you have read this far and are still considering to choose a suitable affiliate program or have any enquiries, feel free to contact me at or and we be pleased to advise you. 🙂

Earning affiliate website

Earning affiliate website

You are only one step away from getting an e-book that will show you the way to earn money on the web through affiliate marketing

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