Modification to Affiliate Addresses

Modification to Affiliate Addresses

We are frequently asked as to in what manner a publisher can modify an affiliate link URL so as to link to another part of the page. Thus not to the homepage but, for instance, to a particular product.

How to modify a link

Tracking codes need to be added behind the subsite URL.

In the system in Promotion – Banners and Linksyou´ll find among the banners “Classic text link”. It is the very first affiliate link. Copy the tracking codes (e.g.: ?utm_source=dgt&a_aid=XXXX&a_bid=XXXXX or #utm_source=dgt&a_aid=XXXX&a_bid=XXXX) and substitute them for the URL of the subpage, you want to link to.



Classic text link:

The subsite you want to direct:

The resulting URL:

In practice we´ll only modify the address we send the visitor to and retain all the parameters from the question mark in order to record the visit and create cookies.

If there is already the character “?” or ”#“ in the URLthen the tracking code will not begin with “?utm_source=dgt&a_aid” but “&utm_source=dgt&a_aid”.

A question mark will appear most frequently in the URL while searching or using the filter.



Classic text link::

Subpage with filtered products link contains a question mark in the URL)

The resulting URL (instead ofutm_source=dgt&a_aid we put &utm_source=dgt&a_aid)




How to modify a link for redirect links

In certain campaigns you will find redirect links to an advertiser´s page. Such links begin in the form….

If necessary, you can add a parameter defining what subpage a visitor is to get to. You´ll indicate the destination URL (thus a given subpage) as the parameter desturl. For more information on this modification, please read the article Tracking options for publishers.


How to test functionality

It suffices to click a couple of times on a new link and if you can see it in the list of clicks, everything is OK. A delay is about 20-30 minute. For the list, see Summaries > List of all clicks

Should anything go wrong, we´re here for you.

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Earning affiliate website

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