New catalogue and feed for vouchers and promotions

New catalogue and feed for vouchers and promotions

We have prepared a new site with advertiser’s promotions and a feed for vouchers and promotions. Everything to keep you up to date and to download the information automatically.

It’s often the case that the websites that collect coupons or advertiser shares are outdated information. That’s why we’ve prepared a special JSON feed that is being automatically updated with up-to-date data about our advertisers’ promotions and coupons. Ideal for coupon sites 🙂

We have agreed with to make the feeds in their structure, thus simplifying the integration. This feed is not publicly available, you will need to apply for it. In case of interest just drop us an email at This is required, because in this feed there are also request-only coupons included, that can be provided only to coupon and cashback publishers having a reduced commission level.


All the coupons you can find in your admininistration or in the feeds can be combined with the affiliate campaign. It is approved by our advertisers.




Advanced feed options:


Feed includes both valid and expired promotions / coupons.

  • If you only want to get expired ones, add this to the feed’s URL: ?validity=invalid
  • If you only want to get valid ones, add this to the feed’s URL: ?validity=valid

Automatically add a_aid (partner ID)

To automatically add your publisher ID to coupon and promotions URLs, add a parameter to the feed’s URL ?a_aid=123456789 whereas 123456789 is your publisher ID.
You will find this value in our administration: My profile – Personal details – Referral ID.

Automatically add data1 and/or data2

To automatically add extra data1 and/or extra data2, use these parameters in the feed’s URL ?data1=anything&data2=something


Parameters can be combined

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