Campaign: EmpikFoto.cz

Commission: printing 20%, gadgets 5%, photobooks 5%. Until 12.11.2019 printing 10%, gadgets 3%, photobooks 8%


We have been taking care for already 13 years of your satisfaction, we print millions of photos and provide thousands of photographic services. We are constantly developing our offer just for you. We allow for developing shots in any format, the preparation of a photobook, and also the making of a nearly unlimited quantity of photo gifts: mugs, T-shirts, pads, mascots, folders or phone cases with background printing from your picture.


Ordering photos at empikfoto.sk, this is a guarantee of quality, satisfaction and punctuality. We offer a sundry of sizes and types of photographic paper from which you can arbitrarily choose and compile your order. Our materials guarantee the longevity of your photos without losing quality. Have your shots developed at empikfoto.sk and donate yourself a timeless souvenir which will preserve for long years your most valuable memories. We prepare every photo with due care because your photos are the most valuable moments we help you get back to.


A photobook is something more than just a photographic album. Already now can you create a tailor-made book with your most valuable photos. Thanks to intuitive software, you can design every page of your book, from any layout of shots through to the selection of background or additional graphic elements. Preserve your shots from trips, wedding party, holiday, birthday or any opportunity of importance to you. A photobook is an ideal gift for someone close whom you wish to present with something special. You can order photobooks on our sites on using the online editor.


In our offer, you´ll also find an ample range of photo gifts – mugs, T-shirts, pads or phone cases – on which you can place any shot of yours. Prepare an unusual and highly individual gift for a close person you want surprise and present with something truly extraordinary. You can prepare any photo gift according to your own ideas using a ready-made template, frame, background and additional graphic elements.


Creating links to subsites:

  • use link titled “EmpikFoto.cz – deeplink (add destination URL as data2 parameter)”
  • to the URL add data2 parameter – target URL you want to target
  • Example:
    • EmpikFoto.cz – deeplink (add destination URL as data2 parameter) the link has URL: https://login.dognet.sk/scripts/fc27g82d?a_aid=YOUR-ID&a_bid=7866e399
    • Add data2 parameter: https://login.dognet.sk/scripts/fc27g82d?a_aid=YOUR-ID&a_bid=7866e399&data2=
    • For data2 substitute the URL where I target: https://login.dognet.sk/scripts/fc27g82d?a_aid=YOUR-ID&a_bid=7866e399&data2=https://www.empikfoto.cz/vybaveni-interieru
    • If the target URL contains characters such as ? or &, the URL needs to be  encoded before it is entered

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It is not possible to use branded keywords in PPC campaigns. Email campaigns have to be submitted for approval before sending. It is not possible to use branded keywords in the domain names. The commissions are being calculated based on the price excluding VAT and shipping costs. Commissions for B2B orders may be declined.


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