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Become a part of the exceptional e-commerce GymBeam project.

We are GymBeam, one of the fastest-growing fitness brands in the CEE region with the ambition to become an absolute leader in the Fitness & Health segment and an online platform for more than 100 million customers.


Content publishers – cookies 10 days

For GymBeam, BeastPink, VanaVita, and STRIX brands

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    • The following orders: 6%

    For other brands

      • First-order: 6%
      • The following orders: 3%

    Catalog publishers – cookies 3 days

      • All orders: 2%

    Competitive advantages:

    • One of the leading companies on the market in the sports nutrition segment.
    • Awarded Certificate of Excellence from for 2019, 2020, and 2021 based on more than 14,000 positive reviews.
    • High customer retention (average 4 purchases per year), the opportunity to profit from one customer several times a year.
    • Delivery of goods within 48 hours. Free delivery on orders over LEI150.
    • Big quarterly sales and smaller thematic sales.
    • Promotions and discounts on selected products every day.
    • More than 165 thousand fans on RO social media Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
    • Bio certification, ISO 9001, regular testing of quality, and ingredients profile of products.
    • Over 7.000 products in our offer.
    • Authorized dealer and exclusive distributor of selected brands.
    • Competitive prices.


    In our assortment, you will find more than 150 brands of European and world character, as well as new innovative brands, where we position ourselves too. In addition to GymBeam brand products, we also cover our own sub-brand:

    • BeastPink, which specializes in products for women and their needs.
    • VanaVita brand dedicated to vegan, vegetarian and organic product lines.
    • GymBeam Clothing and STRIX brand – stylish models of clothing designed for various types of sports activities, but also casual wear.

    We are continually expanding the range of our products – they reflect current trends based on hard data.

    Assortment of products

    • Sports nutrition – proteins, fat burners, amino acids, pre-workout stimulants, joint nutrition, and more.
    • A wide range of Vitamins, Minerals i Superfoods.
    • Healthy food includes healthy and fast snacks, breakfast mixes and cereals, cooking ingredients, low-calorie sweeteners, or popular nut butter.
    • Fitness accessories for comfortable home training, as well as aids to make your workout in the fitness center more effective.
    • Fitness clothing.


    Sports Nutrition

    1. Proteine 100% Whey Gold Standard – Optimum Nutrition

    2. Proteine True Whey – GymBeam

    3. Proteine Just Whey – GymBeam

    4. Creatină Monohidrată 100% – GymBeam

    5. Stimulent de pre-antrenament Thor Fuel + Vitargo 600 g – GymBeam

    6. Gainer Serious Mass – Optimum Nutrition

    7. Proteine Pure IsoWhey – GymBeam

    8. Creatină Crea7in – GymBeam

    9. Creatină monohidrată micronizată (Creapure 100%®) – GymBeam

    10. EAA – GymBeam

    11. ProAMINO 390 g – GymBeam

    12. Arzător de grăsime L-Carnitină – GymBeam

    13. L-Glutamină – GymBeam

    14. AlphaMale TestoBooster 120 caps – GymBeam

    15. Bcaa 4:1:1 Instant – GymBeam

    Nutritional Supplements

    1. Colagen hidrolizat RunCollg – GymBeam

    2. Multivitamine Vitality complex – GymBeam

    3. Omega 3 – GymBeam

    4. Ashwagandha 90 caps – GymBeam

    5. Supliment pentru articulații Articular Drink 390 g – GymBeam

    6. Vitamina D3 2000 IU – GymBeam

    7. Vitamina C 1000 mg – GymBeam

    8. Supliment pentru articulații Animal Flex 44 pachete – Universal Nutrition

    9. BIO Spirulină – GymBeam

    10. Colla Pink – BeastPink

    Healthy Food

    1. Unt de arahide 100% – GymBeam

    2. Baton proteic MoiMüv – GymBeam

    3. Albușuri lichide de ouă – GymBeam

    4. Baton proteic PureBar – GymBeam

    5. Spray pentru gătit Coconut Cooking Spray 201 g – GymBeam

    6. Protein Pancake & Waffle Mix 500 g – GymBeam

    7. Flavor Drops 30 ml – GymBeam

    8. Sirop fără calorii Chocolate Syrup 320 ml – GymBeam

    9. Terci instant de ovăz Instant Oats 1000 g – GymBeam

    10. Semințe de chia – GymBeam

    Workout Accessories

    1. Pistol de Masaj VI Black – GymBeam

    2. Set benzi elastice DuoBand – GymBeam

    3. Centură fitness Jay – GymBeam

    4. Mănuși Fitness Ronnie – GymBeam

    5. Vestă cu greutăți 20 kg – GymBeam

    6. Greutăți pentru glezne și încheieturi 2 kg – GymBeam

    7. Set de benzi elastice Resistance 5 – GymBeam

    8. Saltea pentru exerciții Puzzle Mat II – GymBeam

    9. Ganteră hexagonală – GymBeam

    10. Saltea Yoga Mat – GymBeam

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    When promoting the campaign, it is required to use all parameters included in the referrals displayed in our dashboard. Removing the parameters might cause a tracking malfunction or declining the commissions.

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