How to make affiliate marketing on Facebook – beginner´s guide

How to make affiliate marketing on Facebook – beginner´s guide

Questions of “How to link Dognet to Facebook” are constantly repeated on the online chat. Therefore I´ve elected to write down a guide for absolute beginners on how to make affiliate on Facebook 😉 Right at the beginning a small piece of information: Facebook does not have to be specially linked in any way whatsoever to Dognet.

How to go about affiliate on Facebook?

Firstly, How to link Dognet to Facebook. In this article I will not deal with how to create a FB page, as there are more than enough guides on the internet. Affiliate marketing can also be done using your personal profile, but you´ll be unable to promote posts and self-advertising. It is just up to you whether you choose a FB page or a personal profile. I recommend a FB page. morezdravia-fb-01   When you already have a Facebook page, you have to think over what you´ll be promoting and how you´ll be communicating. I have a Facebook page on health so I choose something from the area of health. For example, I choose the campaign Bohatstvo-prí and find on the page a specific product I want to promote. For an overview of all the campaigns see the page Campaigns.   morezdravia-fb-04   I have chosen Aloe Vera gel. The URL of this product is: Now I go to administration in order to find out my affiliate link for the campaign Bohatstvo-prí I click in the administration left-hand menu on “Promotion“ – ”Banners and Links”.   morezdravia-fb-02   Then I filter the campaign Bohatstvo-prí and straight filter merely links in order to find it more quickly. Upon using the filter I find my classic text link. My classic text link is:   morezdravia-fb-03   My classic text link directs to the main page, however I want to direct people right to a specific product. Thus I combine the product URL and my classic link into a single link according to the guide in the article  Modification to Affiliate Addresses. The product URL is: My classic text link is: The product URL with my tracking data: I take the resulting URL and put it into the Facebook post on my FB page:   morezdravia-fb-05   The title, description and photo will automatically be pulled out of the URL. To make it more interesting for my readers, I add my own text and pictures.   morezdravia-fb-06   Facebook automatically truncates URL´s so you do not have to worry about inserting a long message in the post. My post with affiliate message upon publishing looks like this:   morezdravia-fb-07   The photos which I add to the post are always from free photobanks. Snappa has made an excellent overview of FreePhotoBanks in the article 21 Amazing Sites With Breathtaking Free Stock Photos.  

What to be careful about in affiliate marketing on Facebook?

Facebook seeks to push people as much as possible into paying advertising for their posts.. For your posts you´ll have an option of “Promoting Post” or “Boost” or other option. It will definitely offer this to you as well. Though ATTENTION! Check at first the affiliate campaign terms, as to whether this is permitted. On the Campaigns page click on the name of a specific campaign whereby you´ll get to detail and terms. E.g. in the terms of the campaign Bohatstvo-prí it is written that “A direct PPC campaign is banned“. This means for me that I cannot promote my post. The post involves a direct link to an advertiser/campaign´s page and by promoting my post I would indeed create a direct PPC ad. You can only promote those posts that direct to campaigns where the terms set out “A direct PPC campaign is permitted” 😉   PS: Unless you can promote your posts because of the campaign terms, still you can promote a FB page as such 😉 morezdravia-fb-08  
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Earning affiliate website

Earning affiliate website

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