Information for commission closure of the year 2019

Information for commission closure of the year 2019

As every year, even now – at the beginning of the new year 2021, we have to close the old year 2020. What should the publisher be prepared for? Let’s do it.

  1. We no longer send billing requests from December 18, 2020. We don’t send them even if they are requested. This situation happens once a year. Through the year we pay out within hours 😉
  2. January 14, 2021: All publishers will be invited to invoice. We will send it to everyone who has more than € 10 to pay (no sign-up bonus)
  3. We will do our best to ensure that most of the 2020 conversions are already evaluated.
  4. From 14.1.2020 it is necessary to send invoices, but with a due date of 30 days, so we are able to pay them in time. This is a special case that happens only in January. Most invoices will be paid within a few days. 🙂
  5. If you issue an invoice till January 20, 2021, please give the December 31, 2020 as delivery date. After January 21, 2021 (inclusive), delivery date must be in year 2021.
  6. The sooner you issue an invoice, the sooner it will be refunded 😉

Important: Anyone who does not issue an invoice by 29.2.2021 they lose the right for getting money. There are 2 months when the publisher should issue the invoice. After that date, the publisher loses the right to any payment of commissions from year 2020.

We do this because it is not possible to ‘pass’ commissions from previous periods. This way we will not cause any problems to you or to us.

We believe this whole process is now clear to everyone. We look forward to year 2021! 🙂


Štefan Polgári

V online marketingu sa pohybuje už viac ako 10 rokov. Spoluzaložil affiliate sieť DOGNET a affiliate marketingu sa venuje na profesionálnej úrovni. Spoločne s kolegami sa snažia tento odbor na Slovensku pozdvihnúť a zapojiť čo najviac publisherov.

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Earning affiliate website

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