Commission closing of 2022 for publishers

Commission closing of 2022 for publishers

It went by very quickly again. At the beginning of the new year 2023, the closing of the old year 2022 awaits us. So what do publishers have to prepare for?

How will the 2022 commission closure be taking

1. On 16 December 2022, we´ll send out the last invoicing calls. From 17 December
2022 onward (inclusive) we´ll no longer send out the invoicing calls even though
the payout will be asked for. Such a situation is once per year. In the common months the payout often takes place within hours. 😉

2. On 13 January 2022, all the publishers will receive the invoicing call. We´ll send it zp
all of those who will have for payout more than €5 (less the registration bonus)

3. On 13 January 2023, it´s necessary to send invoices with a 30-day due date so
that we have the time to pay them. We pay most invoices within a few days, but for sure. 😊

4. An invoice should be sent no later than January 20. 2023 (inclusive) by e-mail to
the address The date of issue and delivery on the invoice
needs to entered 31 December 2022

5. The sooner you issue the invoice, the sooner it will be reimbursed. 😉

Important information: Anyone who fails to issue an invoice from this call by 28 February
2023 loses the right to the payout of commissions. It is 2 months that the publisher has for
the payout. Following this date, the publisher loses the right to any payoutt from 2022.

We do it because it´s impossible to “transfer” commissions from the long previous periods. It
could bring about accounting problems for us and the publishers alike. 

We look forward to the year 2023! 😊

Petronela Novotná

Group Business Manager

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