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About the e-shop:

The assortment of our e-shop include aromatherapeutic products of own production. The advantage of aromatherapeutic formulations based on etheric and plant oils and butters is that they do not contain foreign substances that would unnecessarily burden the body. Oil cosmetics act not only through their scent but also have a wide range of other effects.

As plants respond to an encounter with bacteria, viruses, moulds and parasites in their environment, the complex composition of their products cannot be replaced by synthetically produced compounds which can act on the contrary negatively on the body. Aromatherapy = controlled use of essential oils to maintain, support and improve the physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.

Target group:

  • Moms (also those expectant) and children
  • Adolescents, seniors, athletes, vegans
  • Professionals – female beauticians, masseurs, aromatherapists, etc.
  • People with specific problems/needs – atopics, diabetics, asthmatics, etc.
  • Owners of dogs, cats, horses, and other pets
  • Anyone who cares about their health and that of their loved ones

Products for each season:

  • Some health and cosmetic problems are often linked to a season.
  • Spring – atopic eczema, sauna bathing, immunity support, detoxication, Easter cleaning, insects
  • Summer – SPF cosmetics, perfumes, sports – strained muscles, excoriations, burns
  • Autumn – immunity support, children´s psychics, body overheating, essential oils, skin nutrition, respiratory viral infections
  • Winter – atopic eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea, skin treatment in winter, immunity support, moulds and mycoses, joint pains


  • AKH – Cosmetic formulations created according to the aromatherapy principles
  • AromaFauna – Natural aromatherapeutic preparations for animals
  • AromaFlora – Eco-friendly auxiliary plant protection formulations
  • AromaSanity – Eco-friendly disinfectants which take into account the health of people, animals, plants
  • BelairPur – Essential perfumes

TOP products

  • ORANGE SANITOL – multi-purpose aroma-cleaner
  • HY-INTIMA – intimate washing oil for women
  • INTIMISS – intimate balsam with a regenerating effect
  • MYKOSAN – nail and skin care formulation in occurrence of moulds
  • FEMISHEA – intimate balsam in occurrence of yeasts
  • TOOTH OIL FROM 7 HERBS – tooth oil for tooth care in periodontitis
  • DONOSOL – nose treatment oil for painful cavities
  • VÔŇA SPÁNKU – air freshener
  • MOLUSAN – balsam in occurrence of molluscum contagiosum and warts
  • GERADERM – regenerating facial oil
  • Lavender skin water
  • Essential oil mixtures: VIROSAN, CANDIOL, ATEMOL, CANDISAN
  • Further: Lecithin cosmetics, SPF cosmetics, Essential oils, Children´s cosmetics, Sets,


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