Following 10 Years, We´re Going to Put in Place a Monthly Service Fee for Campaign Management

Following 10 Years, We´re Going to Put in Place a Monthly Service Fee for Campaign Management

Online marketing has gone through a turbulent period over the most recent years. There have come cookie bars, data losses, GA4 and other changes that moved the entire e-commerce market. It seems like that the online marketing will never be the same again. Nevertheless, the Dognet affiliate network is responding and preparing a lot of novelties for advertisers and publishers, which will be available as early as the beginning of next year. This is also why, following 10 years, we ́re going to introduce as of November 1, 2023 and, as the last of CEE´s affiliate networks, a lump-sum fee for campaign administration.  


10 Years of the Network With No Fees 

The Dognet affiliate network has grown over the last 10 years from scratch to a major player in the field of affiliate marketing in CEE and the Balkans. We bring over a million conversions per year to more than 1,100 e-shops and have been actively operating in 7 countries. In the most recent months, such major players as Allegro, Sizeer or Tchibo have also joined us. We´re even growing at a double-digit pace in some markets.  

Thus far, the network has been working less lump-sum or monthly fees in spite of this being a common fee and the market standard with the competitive systems.

Making Even Market Differences

As of November 2023, Dognet, as the last of CEE´s leading affiliate networks, is going to put in place a flat-rate fee of €39 per month for campaign administration. While the flat-rate fee is being put in place on all the markets, it will be applied on well-developed markets only – Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary.

We´re going to put the flat-rate fee in place so that the Dognet network can advance technologically and match the other European networks. Foreign affiliate networks collect fees up to hundreds of euros per month in various forms and fee schemes. In the case of our network, the lump-sum fee involves an option to use the technology and services associated with the operation of the campaign.

The fact that an advertiser pays for a sales commission still remains unchanged. The price it will pay for a brought customer consists of a commission for publishers and for the network.

The flat-rate fee is for the services that the network provides by default and are not tied to performance. This is in particular the basic campaign management, payout, technical support, monitoring and the very use of technology to run an affiliate campaign.

Change of GTC from 1.11.2023


Network and Market Development and a New System for 2024

The year 2024 will be key for the Dognet network, as we´re in the process of preparing a new, improved version of the entire system. We´re preparing a brand-new environment for  advertisers and publishers alike. Thus they´ll get an even better experience while working with affiliate campaigns. 

You’ll also find in the Dognet system next year in addition to better work with affiliate campaign new modules and functionalities. These will open up brand-new and unknown possibilities of cooperation with publishers. You currently see Dognet as an affiliate network, but a year later it´ll already be a media marketplace where you´ll find other promotion options for your e-shop. 

Dognet is in the process of preparing in 2024 a brand-new era of what it will mean for clients.  A multiplatform will have become out of a single-purpose professional tool which clients will be working with publishers across Europe.


Štefan Polgári

V online marketingu sa pohybuje už viac ako 10 rokov. Spoluzaložil affiliate sieť DOGNET a affiliate marketingu sa venuje na profesionálnej úrovni. Spoločne s kolegami sa snažia tento odbor na Slovensku pozdvihnúť a zapojiť čo najviac publisherov.

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