• brand Natural Medicaments – 10% new, 7% existing customer
  • brand Sefiros – 8% new, 5.6% existing customer
  • brand Ketodiet, Lylee, Linziclip – 0%
  • others – 7% new, 4.9% existing customer

An existing customer is a customer who has made an order in the last 4 months. After this time, the customer is considered new.


E-shop for health products with nutritional supplements, natural cosmetics, medical instruments, and healthy nutrition in Slovakia from now also in our network.

13,867 items of HEALTH product, natural cosmetics and other health and beauty products for highly favourable prices, with the shortest delivery time and guaranteed quality of services. Free advisory services of physicians, nutrition female advisors. We put the utmost emphasis on the satisfaction of our customers!

We believe that also you will be satisfied to the utmost degree with our services.

Why purchase with us:

  • we offer the most extensive product range – 13,867 items o
  • periodic advantageous price and gift actions
  • a daily updated offer, hot novelties, and gift sets
  • we only sell original brand goods with a quality guarantee
  • you can return or replace goods without giving reasons within 1 year
  • we have the majority of goods in stock with delivery within 2 business days from placing an order
  • our willing operator are ready to help you with choosing goods and shopping
  • FREE medical advisory service

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    • a) a Partner shall not advertise in PPC systems on keywords containing Vivantis, a.s., e-shop brands (e.g. “Vivantis discount codes” / “ discount code”, etc.)
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When promoting the campaign, it is required to use all parameters included in the referrals displayed in our dashboard. Removing the parameters might cause a tracking malfunction or declining the commissions.


Top  products

  1. Arterin 60 tbl.
  2. Aloe vera Premium 1000 ml + 1000 ml ZADARMO
  3. Goji kustovnica čínska sušené plody 1 kg
  4. Pekanové orechy BIO jadrá 100 g
  5. Chia semienka 1000 g +1000 g ZADARMO
  6. YUCCA 500 mg tbl. 60
  7. Bio Kurkuma 45 g
  8. Bio pohánka lúpaná krúpy 500 g
  9. Stimulen P tbl 60 
  10. Mandle v mliečnej čokoláde so škoricou DOYPACK 700 G
  11. BIO javorový sirup 100% Grade C 250 ml
  12. BIO kokosový olej Premium 1000 ml
  13. Gaba zelený čaj Organic syp. 100 g
  14. AloeVeraLife 1 + 1 ZDARMA (1000 ml + 1000 ml) + Protein aktív 90 tbl. ZD ARMA
  15. ALAVIS ™ Triple Blend Extra silný 700 g
  16. Gynex 30 ml
  17. Biofreeze gél 118 ml

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