Commission: as high as 6.2%


Product type

Commission content publisher in %

Commission cashback and coupon publisher in %

Cell phones Cell phones 0,8 0,4

Niceboy, Lamax, JBL, Koss, Denon, Marantz, BOSE


Electric scooters, hooverboards, e-bikes Electric vehicles 0,8 0,4
Gaming consoles + games
PS4/X1/NSW games, PS4/X1/NSW accessories, PS3/XBOX 360 games 2,3 1,15
PS4/X1/NSW consoles, PC games 0,8 0,4
PS/X1 ESD – digital keys, 3DS games, ESD PC 1,5 0,75
Gaming PC´s + accessories Gaming PC´s – Lenovo, Asus, HP, PC accessories + speedlink components, logitech, TP-link, Asus, mice, mouse pads, headsets, keyboards – Speedlink, Razer, Logitech, Lenovo, Asus 1,5 0,75
Bazaar – games and consoles

PS3 bazaar



PS4 bazaar



Xbox 360 bazaar, Xbox One bazaar



Bazaar 241940 – Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor (LPF-00025) – BAZAAR (used goods)




Other goods

0,8 0,4 is the biggest gaming specialist that has operated in the Slovak market already for more than 18 years. Within our network we have in addition to a successful e-shop also 18 stores situated in all the corners of Slovakia.  In 2019, on average one of five households in Slovakia bought a game, where we managed to sell more than 200,000 games for various platforms. has won all of the Shop of the Year awards organised by We became the winner of Quality Award in computer and telecommunications equipment and the winner of Quality Award in games and gaming devices. We were also awarded Popularity Award in computer and telecommunications equipment.

In our offer you´ll find gaming hardware from PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch but also gaming brands Lenovo Legon, ROG, and TUF.

Promotional elements

  • Banners
  • iFrame
  • PR articles
  • Coupons
  • Influencer
  • XML feed
  • Email templates
  • Dognet Media

Permissions for publishers

  • Cash-back
  • Content
  • Coupon sites
  • Emailing
  • Direct PPC
  • External coupons
It is not possible to use branded keywords in PPC campaigns. It is not possible to use branded keywords in the domain names. The commissions are being calculated based on the price excluding VAT and shipping costs. Commissions for B2B orders may be declined.

The advertiser approves by themselves the publishers for a campaign. Please put down as exactly and clearly as possible in the note in the request for addition to the campaign the method of promoting the campaign.

When promoting the campaign, it is required to use all parameters included in the referrals displayed in our dashboard. Removing the parameters might cause a tracking malfunction or declining the commissions.

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