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Skinners – We are a Czech brand of innovative barefoot footwear that has found its place in more than a hundred countries of the world since 2014. In 2017, our sock shoes won one of the most prestigious international design awards, the Red Dot Award. A year later, we became the first Czech product in history to receive the Gold Winner award for a unique product design in the Good Design Award 2018 competition.

Our pilot product is unique sock shoes which, thanks to a specially developed and patented technology, combine the comfort of socks with the protection of shoes. It´s a combination of first-class materials, which moreover contain no glues, thus meeting the principles of sustainability. The sock shoes are machine washable and thus suitable for any activity on any surface (water, clay, stones, etc.). Among their other advantages is their incredible compactness, which makes them an ideal travel companion, whether as a main shoe or a backup plan. Furthermore a removable insole that helps regulate moisture and keeps our feet dry.

Who are our customers? More than half a million people already own Skinners. They are mostly sports enthusiasts, lovers of nature, adventure and a healthy lifestyle. They are great alternative footwear for traveling, camping, hiking, swimming, yoga or fitness, but also for the city. Everyone can put on our minimalist shoes – children and adults, women and men. Whether the motivation of our customers is comfort and relaxation or active movement.

What can be found in our e-shop? In addition to the original Skinners Comfort 2.0 sock shoes, we stepped into it in 2022 with the premium Skinners Walkers leather barefoot collection. It has become one of the most successful projects within crowdfunding campaigns in the Czech Republic. To the city, on a date or for an interview – these are shoes that do not compromise between comfort and appearance. It optically softens the features of classic barefoot footwear, while at the same time preserving all its benefits.

Another novelty this year is the Skinners Compression 2.0 sock shoes, which we have developed specifically for more demanding activities. A higher knit and a slim-fit design ensure better coverage of the ankle and instep, thus providing the right support for our feet during any sport.

Our products undergo regular tests and are subjected to thorough inspection by experts during production. Customers can also purchase accessories in the form of socks or snapback caps in our e-shop.

At the moment, we are targeting particularly the Czech, German and chiefly the U.S. market, where the Skinnerskás are doing very well thanks to further record-breaking successes, this time on the U.S. crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

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