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A German natural cosmetics brand with a 60-year-plus tradition supporting socio-ecological projects worldwide. The philosophy of the company is respect for life values, respect for nature and man.

ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND offers a wide-ranging assortment for all types of skin and all age groups. They are a master in skin care and anti-aging. Whether it´s a sensitive, problematic skin or a skin that requires regeneration or anti-aging, they offer whole series of care, namely skin cleansing, toning/serum, a daily cream, a night cream, an eye cream, a mask.

ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND is today a synonym of modern natural care of skin. Sustainability is our highest principle. That´s why it´s important for us to constantly develop and contribute to CO2 reduction, waste reduction, decent work and environmental protection. With sustainable production, ecological packings, fair wages and human working conditions worldwide we seek to strengthen our ecological and social sustainability.

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In ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND – Natural Beauty – cosmetics you´ll find:
It´s important for us that you know the type and origin of natural raw materials in our products and that you know how they are made. It´s not important only that cosmetics contain plant components but also where those raw materials come from and how they were obtained and processed and whether herbicides, pesticides or other toxic substances were not used while growing them.

Natural raw materials in our products largely come from certified organic farming or by harvesting from nature and then we process them solely at our company´s headquarters in the German town of Calw amidst the Black Forest. Our products contain precious plant ingredients from across the world, but also from our own local resources. We use merely high-quality raw materials — hodnotné, valuable, cold-pressed vegetable oils, herbal extracts, marine active ingredients, and first-class vitamins.

Our vegan formulations are pack labelled “VEGAN“. All the products are paraben- and mineral oil derivate-free (silicones, MOAH, paraffines).

Ever since our cosmetic brand was founded, we´ve rejected to use dead animal extracts in our products. ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND products are largely vegan. In exceptional cases, we use raw materials such as beeswax as they have their specific properties and cannot be obtained otherwise.

We´re on principle against any forms of abuse of natural resources. Whenever possible, we use plants from certified organic farming or wild nature. We also strictly refuse to use in our formulations genetically modified raw materials. A resolute NO to genetically modified plants and raw materials obtained from them applies to our natural cosmetics.

Clean and very soft spring water rises amidst the Black Forest, from a depth of 166 metres. Unlike tap water, it is not chemically treated. This spring is named for Walter Lindner, the husband of natural cosmetics female pioneer Annemarie Lindner and the co-founder of our cosmetic brand ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND – Natural Beauty.
Since we know very well that chlorine, residues from pesticide or herbicide residues or man-made hormones and other harmful substances cannot be entirely removed in the conventional wastewater treatment, we use exclusively the water from this underground reservoir for our products. This is clean, natural, spring water rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium or zinc, and thus it´s an optimal basis of our skin care.

Our cosmetics meet the most stringent certificates for natural cosmetics such as EcoControl, CSE (Certified Sustainable Economics), GMP, Vegan, and also EU directives. Moreover, our formulations have been verified more than forty times by the German institutions Stiftung Warentest and ÖKO-TEST with an “excellent” rating. The efficiency and skin compatibility of our formulations have been clinically proven by a number of independent test institutions. These are tested — on human skin.

The extraction of raw materials into our formulations is carried out in an eco-friendly way so as to avoid damage to the environment. Equally important for us as the producer is social responsibility.
Today, the issue of sustainable development and the need to protect our planet are becoming increasingly urgent. This is the spirit behind the philosophy of our production — we develop and make effective cosmetics in a way that respects nature and the environment, while respecting and protecting humans.

818 / Orange Blossom Energizer 50 ml
600279 / 2-Step Hyaluron Shake 50 ml
600466 / Rose Blossom Revitalizer 50 ml
906 / Enzyme Peeling 30 gr
893 / Anti-Aging Cream Mask 50 ml
846 / System Absolute Anti-Aging Smoothing Eye Cream
844 / System Absolute Anti-Aging Day Cream LIGHT
843 / System Absolute Anti-Aging Day Cream
600078 /Naturoyale Biolifting Day Cream 50 ml
600080 / Naturoyale Biolifting Eye and Lip Contour Cream 15 ml
61 / LL Regeneration System Vitality Day Cream 50 ml
60 / LL Regeneration System Vitality Night Cream 50 ml
675 / Purifying Care System Cleansing Gel 150 ml
677 / Purifying Care System Cleansing Skin Cream 75 ml
600069 / Aquanature System Hydro Refreshing Cleansing Mousse 150 ml
600072/ Aquanature System Hydro  Rehydrating Day Cream 50 ml

Year-round steady sales revenue
Summer – MAY / JUNE / JULY – Sun products, 2-step shakes, Aquanature System Hydro
TOP season = OCTOBER / NOVEMBER / DECEMBER = cosmetic sets, line SYSTEM ABSOLUTE anti-aging, NATUROYALE BIOLIFTING + others

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