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In our e-shop, we offer a wide range of plumbing supplies. We firmly believe that you´ll choose from a rich selection of fittings, taps, pipes, filters, pumps, and other quality products at favourable prices. We´ll promptly supply you with everything you need for your installations.

About the e-shop:

We´ve been operating in the field of water, heating and gas for more than 10 years. We´ve long been engaged in the production of PPR and given the many contacts with our customers that are at the same time manufacturers or importers, we decided to create this e-shop and offer you a wide range of products in the field of water, heating, filtration, and garden at very favourable prices. In today’s age of the internet, we seek to get as close to the customer as possible in this way.

We render our services to wholesale and retail customers alike. We seek to approach each customer individually and our goal is to provide perfect service within the shortest possible time. We´re primarily concerned with a satisfied customer who will be happy to return to us.

E-shop advantages:

  • All the products supplied by us are certified and a declaration of conformity is issued for them.
  • It goes without saying that we have insurance for all the suppliers who are verified by our existing customers
  • In case that a product ordered by you from a specific manufacturer or supplier is not available, we´ll  send an identical product alternative from other manufacturers

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