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Commission: 15% and 5% for selected products (see below)

Selected products with 5% commission

Food Detective – samodiagnostický
Všetky testy potravinovej intolerancie
Genetický test OBESITY
Genetický test DERMATOLOGY
Genetický test SECURITY
Laboratórny test CANDIDA
VitaBerin. 30 a 60 tabliet

Take responsibility for your health into your own hands. Nature has solutions that will help you to strengthen your health every day with valuable products from pure nature and by acting on your body in a natural way. In our offering you will find quality natural products, a wide selection of goods (quality natural dietary supplements, diagnostic tests, natural cosmetics and medical devices) that will support your energy and health, purify the organism, regenerate cells, supply nutrients and preservatives, and harmonize biological systems.

Top 10 products:

  • Certifikovaný rýchlotest na COVID-19 a protilátky z krvi -> https://lekarendoma.sk/produkt/certifikovany-rychlotest-na-covid-19-s-975-uspesnostou/
  • OXGALL žlčové kyseliny 60 kps -> https://lekarendoma.sk/produkt/oxgall-zlcove-kyseliny-60-kps/
  • ESI Aloe Vera GÉL čistý -> https://lekarendoma.sk/produkt/esi-aloe-vera-gel-cisty-200-ml/
  • Gallmet®M 30 kaps -> https://lekarendoma.sk/produkt/gallmetm-zlcove-kyseliny-a-bylinky-30-kaps/
  • Maďarská klobaňa údená klasik – vegan -> https://lekarendoma.sk/produkt/madarska-klobana-udena-vegan-550-g/
  • Food Detective™ test potravinovej intolerancie -> https://lekarendoma.sk/produkt/food-detective-test-potravinovej-intolerancie/
  • Laboratórny test POTRAVINOVEJ INTOLERANCIE na 200+ potravín -> https://lekarendoma.sk/produkt/laboratorny-test-potravinovej-intolerancie-na-200-potravin/
  • ESI Aloe vera Čistá šťava -> https://lekarendoma.sk/produkt/esi-aloe-vera-cista-stava-1000-ml/
  • CORDYCEPS sinensis 90 tab. po 500 mg sušenej huby -> https://lekarendoma.sk/produkt/cordyceps-sinensis-90-tab-po-500-mg-susenej-huby/
  • Čokoládovo-malinový koktail Express Diet -> https://lekarendoma.sk/produkt/cokoladovo-malinovy-koktail-express-diet-60-g/

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