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Work on the first designs of the e-shop began as early as December 2013. After several years, however, the interest in healthy food has grown to the point that a separate brand Grizly has come into existence. The e-shop sells high-quality healthy food from Czech and foreign producers alike. Own brand Grizly offers nuts, dried fruit, seeds, nut creams in economic and eco-friendly packaging.

Favourite brands which are offered on

  • Grizly
  • Mixit
  • Countrylife
  • Nominal
  • Natura Siberica
  • Solgar

E-shop competitive advantages:

  • Own food production meeting all hygienic standards, HACCP, BIO certification
  • More advantageous prices for registered customers (as much as 20%)
  • Postage from CZK49
  • 23 pick-up points in the Czech Republic
  • Pick-up points free of charge for orders over CZK250
  • The largest product range on the health nutrition market
  • When subscribing to the newsletter, a discount for the first shopping
  • Gifts to orders
  • Advice, tips and recipes within the magazine on the e-shop sites
  • Certificate “Verified by Customers” from Heuréka

We have in the offer over 6,000 products and extend it on a regular basis to include new suppliers and also innovate products of our own series.

TOP products (last viewed):

TOP products (bestselling for the past year in terms of number of units and sales revenue):

The current trend:

  • almond flour and generally nut flours,
  • nut creams (butters) – own production – a higher margin,
  • alternatively (substitution) sweeteners: xylitol, erythritol, and the like.


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TOP kategórie v sezóne





    The bestselling products for the respective seasons are highly similar to those across the web. According to the web statistics, nuts of all kinds (para nuts, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, cashews), almonds, almond flour, sporadically blueberries, cranberries, health nutrition and immunity boosting are sold the most on the Internet.

    Témy pre PR články

    • Healthy recipes of all kinds
    • Healthy weight-losing
    • Reduction diet, how to do it?
    • Skin care
    • Dental care
    • How to make up for an occasion
    • Hair care
    • Children´s skincare


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