Campaign: Koberce.sk

Commission: 9%, 5% for cashback portals, 4% for coupon websites

Our company ranks among the leaders on the Slovak market in selling floors and carpets. The company started using the KOBERCE.sk brand five years ago, thereby at the same time consolidating its leading position on the Slovak market in the area of selling carpets, carpet meters, and PVC floors. The company also runs 11 retail stores under the same name KOBERCE.sk, which at the same time serve as outlets for our e-shop. Thanks to our many years of experience, we stand out not only with a vast offer, but also with the most favourable price, as we keep most products in stock. We have on offer not only carpets and floors, but also a multitude of home accessories such as curtains, mats, mattresses.

In addition to high-quality products and fast delivery, our customers also appreciate our services such as carpet edging, carpet customising, plinth cutting and, of course, expert counselling. Free shipping forthe majority of products is also a great benefit.

Our e-shop handles several thousand orders a month and has an excellent rating on Heureka.

TOP 10 categories:

  1. Piece carpets
  2. Artificial grass
  3. Children´s carpets
  4. Treads
  5. PVC floors
  6. Carpets sold by the meter
  7. Mattresses
  8. Mats
  9. Skirting boards
  10. Bathroom mats

TOP products:

  1. ARBITON INDO 40 Skirting Board -White Mat
  2. ASCOT 41 Artificial Grass Carpet
  3. Rekord-Kinetic 811 Cinnamon Tread
  4. ICONA 39 Tread
  5. Terraza Artificial Grass Carpet
  6. ANIMALS 845 Kids Carpet Sold by the Metre
  7. RAMBO-BET 71 Carpet Sold by the Metre
  8. Zara 8488 Yellow Grey Piece Carpet
  9. Labrador 71351 056 Cream Piece Carpet
  10. New Orleans 216+ Structure Carpet


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